The bullet-proof content security & user consent platform with the privacy-first alternative to google analytics

Harness valid & effective consent for authentic GDPR, ePrivacy, CCPA & other US State & Federal law compliance.

Google Consent Mode V2 built-in (no need for GTM or code changes)

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Get authentic, verifiable compliance from the original consent platform

Integrated cookieless & tracking-free analytics

Google Consent Mode V2 built-in

Automatic consent enabling of YouTube etc.

Rapid but meticulous website scanning

See a graphical view of tracking or storage use across a range of sites.

The only consent management & security system designed from the start for authenticity & transparency combining corporate-level manageabiity & control with cookieless & tracking-free web analytics - continuously in use by major companies since 2011, & now internationally available to any size organisation.

Deliver real CCPA & other state & federal law compliance through effective control over tracking including automatic opt-out response to the GPC or DNT signals, ensuring no third-party tracking or sale of personal data without valid user consent.

Trusted by multinationals and household brands

Our designed-for-compliance consent management solution was the first to market, and has fully protected sites and their visitors since 2011.

Build customer trust with the industry leading cookie compliance platform

Get the platform our competitors don't want you to know about that does the job better, while charging less.

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Show you respect your customers' privacy and data with ConsentHub's advanced technology, purpose designed for authentic safety-first compliance.

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As security technologist Bruce Schneier has pointed out, personal data, sent to others or retained without proper safeguards, can be a toxic asset. It can create massive costs to companies from regulatory and civil action, or result in reduced sales through reputation damage and loss of customer trust. The last 6 months has seen GDPR fines more than double the total of $1.64 billion collected up January 28 2022, and this is accelerating.

The biggest such threat to online shops arises from data exposed to data exploitation by uncontrolled tracking.

The answer is not to pay out for expensive and over-inflated breach mitigation systems but rather to ignore calls for unnecessary data collection and "free" third-party web services, when the only benefit could be having a few inappropriately-placed ads solely seen by ad-fraud bots while leaving potential customers irritated or worse, repelled

ConsentHub was designed to address these issues head-on.

We start you off with a clean slate, blocking everything so that only content you have designed or approve of, and cookies given valid informed consent or strictly necessary to fulfill a request, are allowed on your site. This not only ensures you are are fulfilling the legal requirements arising from the GDPR, ePrivacy, CRPA etc., but also that you and your customers are protected from data-theft and "malware".

Fully customizable panel & button

Create your own consent platform user interface's look & feel or go with our default user interface built to optimize engagement. All changes can be edited by you and appear immediately without having to republish the site.

Automatic real-time & accurate website cookie scanning

Automatic recurrent scanning detects all cookies and browser-based storage whatever its source. Get prompted when changes are detected such as new cookie-using apps being installed, or whenever the configuration needs updating. Real-time indication when potentially damaging "malware" or unrecognised content is found and automatically blocked.

Built for scale

Monitor and manage thousands of merchant sites from the same account, see the latest scan information, instantly generate real-time and static reports.

Anonymous analytics

Without cookies, instantly see how many visits a site gets, the proportion of visitors opting-in, what country they are from, the most common referring sites etc.

Got a website you'd like to scan?

Cookieless tracking-free analytics.

We understand the importance of analytics systems to our clients, and we have developed and tested ours in consultation with major B2C companies.

Our analytics system does not use cookies (unless users agree) so can collect aggregated data across all visitors to deliver accurate metrics such as opt-in/opt-out rates, page views & referrals.

Percentage of browsers worldwide we have detected with DNT ("Do Not Track") set: 0.00 %

0.00 % of browsers have either DNT or GPC set

0.00 % of browsers have only DNT set

DNT means "Do Not Track"

0.00 % of browsers have GPC set

0.00 % of browsers have only GPC set

GPC means "Global Privacy Control"

Baycloud’s new Dashboard.

Monitoring, auditing, management and customization, all in one place. Maintain a constant awareness of your company's compliance status across all of its domains.

Now you can set up our compliance pop up, run daily privacy audits, generate cookie policies for your websites and monitor your compliance status and site analytics using our easily navigable new control centre. The dashboard is compatible with business communication platforms including Slack and Microsoft teams, and is fully scalable. It is useful for clients that manage any number of websites, from SMEs with one site, to multinationals that operate across thousands of domains.

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